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Shafts, Stringers and Spear fishing Gear

Sea Hornet, JBL, Arbalete, Riffe, Hawaiian Sling (1/4-9/32 5/16"), and pneumatic (9/32-5/16") Spring Stainless Steel with Tempered Shafts.

We have what the serious spearfisherman needs:  Shafts, stringers, spear points & tips, spear extensions, pole spears and poppers of all calibers.  All made HERE in the USA.  All made by the legendary 'Lobster Mobster' himself.  Experience excellence in Stainless Steel.

Have we ever got the shaft for you! Shafts, spears and points.  In stock.

Come on in and check out our inventory!  We will get you what you need, when you need it.  Also check out our links to other sites that we know you will like.

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