A great Detachable Head (Slip Tip)

Note: The detachable head is a sure fire way to get your big fish without bending your shaft. It places a flexible cable between shaft and fish. Notice the way the adapter goes through the cable loop, this keeps the head from falling off. Also see the ring on that same cable loop. When the head is on the other side of the fish, simply reverse the point, place in the ring, and pull it back through.

Screws onto a Standard 6mm or 5/16-24 Spear Tip

Please specify which thread.

$35.00 Plus $5.00 S&H



The "Tri Point" pictured above screws onto a 6mm Thread common to Line Shafts in the U.S.

The Triangular ground point cuts through scales and fish like a three cornered knife.

$15.00 Plus $2.50 S&H

Pictured above are:

A- A 12" extension to make your Line Shaft longer. (6mm. Th.)

B- Change your Line Shaft to free style with a barb, 12" longer.(6mm. Th.)

C- If the Shank on your Pole Spear is too short, screw this one

in it's place. Now you can go thru the big fish.

A  bargain at $15.00 Ea. Plus $5.00 S&H

With the "Inserter" Kit ($30.00 + $5.00 S&H) you'll be able to push any wishbone into that powerful rubber. No more needle nose pliers, where slips DO count .Inserter Tool- $30.00 Plus $2.50 S & H

3/32 x 7" S.S. flexible wishbones ($3.00ea.+ $2.50 S&H)

1 to 10 for same S&H

Please note the valve seat taper on the up side of the wishbone ball. This seals against

the rubber on the inside, preventing water inclusion in your band.

WITB(water in the band) disease creates a hydraulic effect that weakens the "punch"

50 Flopper/Pin kit. Only $35.00 + $5.00 S&H

Will fit 1/4, 9/32 and 5/16" Dia.




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