Our Personal Protection Devices (PPD's)

are an inexpensive device designed to assure your defense against

those predators that sometimes visit us while spearfishing.

See our latest improvement for your Personal Protection

THE "KILL SPIKE" (all the way down)

Your Personal Protection Device is made to fit all the shells of the above description.

It has NO FIRING PIN, and as such, cannot be classified as a weapon.

It must be placed over the pointed tip of a 5/16" spear shaft and shot into or onto an object underwater. 

Special nylon bushings are avaible for 9/32 and 1/4" shafts and are $5.00 Xtra. It is NOT meant to be fired 

above water and should be fired with enough force to counteract the firing of the shell. Below is a picture of how 

your P.P.D. should be placed on your spear.

All sizes are $35.00 ea. Plus $5.00 Shipping & Handling.

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ALL Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A

NOTE                 NOTE                   NOTE

 All Florida residents MUST add the applicable Florida Sales Tax  to all purchases.

This should be noted in your purchase


You can use our PPD’s forever, IF you remove the shell and rinse after being in salt water. Aluminum and brass grow together if you don't.

 Best bet is to load the cartridge, replace rubber bushing, then seal them in a zip lock. I use a food sealer and make the bag small as 

possible. This way, you can dive with it many times without having to unload and rinse.

When ready to use, push your spear point into the bushing and push firmly down till it stops on the shell. This keeps a deflecting blow 

from causing a misfire. (no fire at all).

To keep from losing your PPD after firing, note the groove at the upper end. Tie a thin nylon line tightly into the groove,

 Make a loop in the other end that will loop below your flopper (barb).

If you insist on trying your PPD above water, stop at a gun shop and buy a dozen blanks. Use these to check it out,

 and also to show your friends how easy it fires when placed on your shaft and just popping it down on a piece of wood.  



How many times have you shot your shaft into a fish and felt unprotected when

a Goliath or Shark moved in on the scene? I know you've heard the expression 

" Worse then a poke in the eye with a sharp stick"

That's what they have coming if you have a "Kill Stick" mounted on your wooden gun.

What's even better, is your PPD can be carried in a holder positioned just in front of your trigger

handle, readily accesable, to grab and shove on your "Kill Stick" for protection. You can even carry it ON 

your K.S. if you promise to take it off before re-entering the boat.

Available in standard 5/16" or special order 9/32"

Here's the answer to the above question.

Worse than a sharp stick is a poke 3" behind the eye with  30/06 P.P.D.

Left side of gun when pointed at fish --$30.00 + 5.00 S & H

Right side--ditto

Bottom flush mount--ditto

FLASH! The PPD Clip Holder is No Longer AVAILABLE  !

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A great Detachable Head (Slip Tip)

Note: The detachable head is a sure fire way to get your big fish without bending your shaft. It places a flexible cable

 between shaft and fish. Notice the way the adapter goes through the cable loop, this keeps the head from falling off. 

Also see the ring on that same cable loop. When the head is on the other side of the fish, simply reverse the point, place in the ring, 

and pull it back through. Screws onto a Standard 6mm Spear Tip

$35.00 Plus $5.00 S&H



The "Tri Point" pictured above screws onto a 6mm Thread common to Line Shafts in the U.S.

The Triangular ground point cuts through scales and fish like a three edged knife.

$15.00 Plus $2.50 S&H


Pay by Credit Card to: , Click on "Send To", then make payment to  

By Cashiers Check or Money Order to: Ray Odor, 2527 E. 149th. Ave, Lutz, Fl.33559



Be safe, Have fun and good Diving


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